One of the best ways to enjoy nature in Central Florida is by taking an airboat tours of the lakes, rivers and swamps

Fire dancing is an exotic art form and with the proper photography and editing techniques the fire comes to life.

Most tourists come to Central Florida for an escape the the thrill rides. Forever Florida has both set in the wilderness of Florida.

Art thrives in Central Florida and in Kissimmee you can experience outdoor sculptures throughout downtown.

Osceola County Florida offers a unique opportunity for birders, nature lovers and tourists to see some of the rarest species in the world.

Downtown Kissimmee is changing and has something different to offer locals and tourists.

Jesse’s Story looks at child abuse through the eye’s of a child and how two non-profits are trying to help abused children.

The Silver Spurs Rodeo matches up some of the best livestock and professional cowboys in the country.

Venomous snakes can be a serious threat in areas around the world. George VanHorn tells you what to do if you encounter the reptiles.

The Partin’s had lived and ranched on this piece of property for over 100 years. Now development was driving them out.

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Sculpture ExperienceSculpture_Experience.html
Downtown KissimmeeDowntown_Kissimmee.html
Jesse’s StoryJesses_Story.html
Silver Spurs RodeoSilver_Spurs.html
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At Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida classic car enthusiasts gather every week for the Saturday Nite Cruise.

STS-126 was the last scheduled night launch of the Space Shuttle as the program draws to a close. This was shot from Titusville, Fl.

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Multimedia Production

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Want an idea of what the Chamber is about and who is involved? Take a look, you’ll be surprised.

The Education Foundation of Osceola is doing amazing things in the community. See how they can help you or you can help them.Get_on_the_Bus.html
Urban LeagueUrban_League.html
The Central Florida Urban League by helping one person at a time creates a ripple that reaches the entire community.Urban_League.html
Renewal of VowsRenewal_of_Vows.html
The Mitchell’s four-year-old adopted daughter decided they could give her back unless they were all married.Renewal_of_Vows.html
ISM Pilot TestimonialISM_Pilot.html
Industrial Smoke and Mirrors is the leader in multi axis simulator seats and other hardware in the industry. Industrial_Smoke_and_Mirrors.html
Retired F-18 Marine pilot Michael Beall talks about the sensation he feels while flying a simulator system designed by Industrial Smoke and Mirrors in Orlando, Florida.ISM_Pilot.html
Harmony is a planned community in Central Florida built around nature using green technology. Harmony.html
The Kissimmee CRA restored an 1890s home and creates a living history that strengthens the need for historic restoration and preservation.CRA.html
Bob’s BalloonsBobs_Balloons.html
If you are looking for a fun filled morning or an adrenaline rush Bob’s Balloons in Central Florida is the one to call.Bobs_Balloons.html
PEW Charitable TrustPEW_Charitable_Trusts.html
The PEW Charitable Trusts South Atlantic Fish Conservation Program is educating fishermen and the public about the issues of over fishing specific species of fish. PEW_Charitable_Trusts.html
The Education Foundation of Osceola County has scholarship to help students get to college.Scholarship.html
A motion graphic created using the logo from Thornwell Home for Children.Thornwell.htmlThornwell.htmlshapeimage_33_link_0
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