What is CONTENT?


Content is king

Think of it like Thanksgiving dinner, you have the beautifully set table with the china and silver, candles are lit and everyone is around the table, THIS IS YOUR WEBSITE. But there is no meal, THAT IS YOUR CONTENT. You can’t have a Thanksgiving feast without the food. It’s the same thing that happens with your website it can be beautiful but without content there is nothing of substance.

Some think that content is putting words on page after page and that people are going to sit and read everything. Would you want to sit and read your favorite TV show? That is what this thing called multimedia is all about. Search engines are using spiders to find who as the most unique  and interesting content and that site will be bumped up in the listings. How can that be you? Original content is the key using text that is concise, along with images and the big key is video.

At DAWSON Multimedia Production we make the dinner. Our job is creating the content that will draw customers/viewers to your site. By working with you to create the content, together we can produce information that can educate, entertain and get your message out. Our state of the art technology allows us to create content for your website, presentations, television, print and any other use you have.

Multimedia is the most cost effective way for you to communicate. Spending 10’s of thousands of dollars with traditional media does not guarantee that readers or viewers will see your message. Using your website and linking to others allows you to target exactly who sees your message, pinpointing where your precious economic resources will get the best results.

Give DAWSON Multimedia Production a call and let’s create a feast for you and your clients.

Edmond Dawson “Ed” Sackett


Kissimmee, Florida



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