Sarah Daniels gets in a last minute ballet rehearsal before leaving for a nine-month stage tour of "Bear in the Big Blue House."

Jennings Overstreet leads a heard of cattle during a cattle drive on his property in Central Florida.

Francia Lopez holds a photo of her son Oscar Vargas-Medina who was killed by a radical Shiite group in Iraq.

Patrick Lillis holds a self portrait titled "Baggage".

Tommy Tomkins has paintings and photographs of his journeys around the world decorating his home.

As the new head of the Polk Community College music department John Anderson plans to take the program to a new level.

Lanny Tucker, SR VP for Sales, and Rob Wight, CEO, are two of the top executives for the high flying Channel Intelligence.

Stefan Alexandres works in metal creating pieces like "Perpetual History" and "Prudent", one of his copper masks.

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