Rescue personnel are lowered on a crane with an electrocution victim from a high rise construction site in Austin, TX.

Abdelelmajid Aassal takes a cigarette break at his Kissimmee, Florida home that took a direct hit from a tornado.

Donna Takahashi waits for Kissimmee firefighters to rescue her from her over turned van.

A mother comforts her son after his father attacked her and then wielded the knife at deputies who shot and killed the man.

Christine Spirit comforts her son Joshua after he collapsed in grief at the site where he saw his brother Kyle killed in a hunting accident.

Shuttle training team members huddle together for strength as they cry during the memorial service for the Columbia crew.

Firefighters on the scene where two Osceola County firefighters were killed try and find comfort and solace after the training accident.

Lioness Nala is carried from the brush after being tranquilized, she roamed free in a tourist area near Walt Disney World for three days

Deputies restrain David Letterman’s stalker Margaret Mary Ray as she becomes belligerent and aggressive during her competency hearing.

Tom Stephens holds a gun to the head of his wife, at an Arlington, Tx 7-11, after being served with divorce papers. The siege ended with one clerk dead another shot and Stephens committing suicide.

Justin Aycock,15, cries as he gets a hug from his friend Dale Walker after being sentenced as an adult to 60.2 months in prison.

With a police officer standing guard at the fuselage as Delta Flight 191 burns after crashing in Dallas.

A priest searches for the dead to administer the last rites after Delta Flight 191 crashed in Dallas while emergency personnel follow and remove the bodies.

A couple stand with their infant in the door of a van they call home in a Houston encampment known as Reaganville.

The space shuttle Endeavour lifts off from the pad for it’s maiden voyage into space.

James Stapleton carries ice for his mother Jackie Barbour as relief supplies reached the rural Kenansville area after Hurricane Jeanne.

Gari Murphy cleans up the hard hit Kissimmee Gateway Airport after Hurricane Charley destroying hangers and planes worth millions of dollars.

A home in Indian River County is an Island to it’s self after rains from Hurricane Jeanne left it surrounded by water.

North bound traffic on the Florida Turnpike in Osceola County was at a near stop as people try to escape the path of Hurricane Frances. 

Jessica McMullen's friends huddle at the end of her casket as they say goodbye on the first day of school during her grave side service. 

Tommy Thayer walks around his citrus nursery where he has had to destroy 1.4 million trees due to citrus canker.

Specialist Angelo Vaccaro's family members cry and comfort each other as they respond to taps during his graveside service. He was killed while serving in Iraq.

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